Sunday, 5 April 2015

THE EYES SEE BEAUTY IN MUSIC - Art through the Ages Intergenerational Collaboration

By Sea Dean and June Seed

24" x 24" Deep Wrap Canvas

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Now showing at ART THROUGH THE AGES Inter-generational Exhibition
Lake Country Art Gallery
10356A Bottom Wood Lake Road, Lake Country, B.C. Canada
8 April - 16 May 2015
Wed 8am - 6pm
Thurs and Fri 10 - 4pm
Sat and Sun 11 - 3pm
It was quite an experience working on this collaboration with friend and fellow professional artist June Seed. We each started a painting, then exchanged canvases and finished the one the other person had started.

June started THE EYES SEE BEAUTY IN MUSIC. For this work she was inspired by a performance of "La Traviata" in Rome. I didn't know what June had been thinking about when she started the canvas but I liked the collage pieces that had been used. It took me a while to decide on trees which I blended in to June's work.

I found it quite intimidating to finish someone else's work. Would June be critical and wish I had done something else? Would my work be up to her standard? How would I blend my style with hers?

Actually there was no need to worry, I found it was a lot of fun and June loved what I had done and so do I. The collage can be seen at ART THROUGH THE AGES which opens at Lake Country Art Gallery on Wednesday April 8th. I will be sharing more of my exhibits over the next few days.

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