Saturday, 16 May 2015

OGOPOGOS LUNCH - Postcard and Fridge Magnet

OGOPOGO is our local lake monster. He is supposed to be related to the famous Loch Ness monster. Legends of the monster go back hundreds of years. He is supposed to live in a cave under Rattlesnake Island near the Mission in Kelowna.

Many years ago my young nephew visited me and during his trip he drew a lovely sketch of Ogopogo. I later copied it in paint and the painting was on exhibit in our local gallery. I love the eyes on the creatures dotted around the painting. All this came from the mind of an 8 year old, I just transposed it in paint. Amazing!

OGOPOGOs LUNCH original is available by contacting me. It is painted on 12" x 12" Deep gallery wrap canvas and is currently on display in my studio/gallery. $100 plus shipping, If that doesn't fit your monthly budget, I'm happy to arrange payment over time. Contact me here

OGOPOGOs LUNCH is also available as the postcard above, which fits a standard 4" x 6" frame. To purchase for only $3 plus shipping, click here.

OGOPOGOs LUNCH fridge magnets can be ordered here. Kids love him and may be persuaded to copy him and eat more fish.

OSWOA Art Postcard - 4" x 6" (100mm x 152mm) 
Art Print Magnet - 2" x 2.5" (49mm x 87mm) 

Small Tote - 14" x 14" x 3" - special order
Deluxe Canvas Tote - 19" x 15" x 6" - special order
Deluxe 2 Tone Tote - 19" x 15" x 6" - special order

Not yet available OGOPOGOs image
ACEO - 2.5" x 3.5" (63mm x 88mm)
Vista Art Postcard - 4.25" x 5.5" (139mm x 107mm)

More prints to be revealed soon, but if you're in a hurry, hop along to my shop by clicking here and see the new spring designs.