Monday, 6 July 2015


by Sea Dean
11" x 14" Canvas Panel

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I was inspired to paint this by a Paint My Photo submission from Elle. You can see the original photo here. I used to think Hoodoos were rare, having first been introduced to them in southern Alberta, but since then I've seen quite a few examples around the world. They are very fragile and easily eroded by wind, rain and careless hikers.

I decided to stick with a fairly limited palette. First I established the lightest lights in Titanium White and Unbleached Titanium. Then I sketched the outlines in light violet to compliment the warm tones of the UT. I then moved to the darkest darks where I used complimentary cool blues and cool raw umber. Greens are tough, but I mainly used Primary Blue which is Phthalo based and a cool bright Lime to paint the evergreens. The sky is painted in warm blue with the same blue reflected onto the hoodoos.