Saturday, 29 August 2015


THE NEW WORLD by Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo 1792
Born: 30 August 1727; Venice, Italy
Died: 03 March 1804; Venice, Italy

Hear the name Tiepolo and you instantly think of Venice. GIOVANNI DOMENICO TIEPOLO, son of the famous Giovanni Battista Tiepolo and brother of Lorenzo Baldissera Tiepolo created murals which figured in the rescue of art in Venice. The painting above is a huge fresco which is now on display at the Rezzonico, Museo del Settecento, Venice alongside many other repositioned murals from the Foresteria villa.

I loved the reverse psychology of this painting which was typical of the tricks of the Roccoco period. Not one of these people is interested in the viewer or facing out of the painting, even the dog. The crowd is watching a show, but the title "New World" also hints that they are looking into the future, over the ocean seen above the crowd. Christopher Columbus sailed in 1492, but colonization in the USA didn't start in earnest till 300 years later, right around the time this was painted in 1797

It's no surprise that I like this mural, because if I paint figures I usually face them away from the viewer. Perhaps I will use this as inspiration for a painting this winter. I would love paint more figuratively and I'm thinking of making that my focus in the upcoming 30 paintings in 30 days challenge. I've been intending spending time at the local park sketching people and dogs, but there are air quality warnings from smoke blowing up the valley from fires down south. I hope it will clear with the expected rain this weekend.

I include collage shots not to detail the paintings, but to give a general idea of the colours and compositions of the artist's style. This is a chronological collage. See how the light in his work changed as he matured. The early works were probably influenced by his father, who he apprenticed under, but after his father's death the light flooded into his work. This is particularly visible in one of his famous murals "The Swing of Puncinella" below.

THE SWING OF PUNCINELLA by Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo 1793

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