Monday, 21 September 2015


WHITE LINES IV by Sea Dean 20" x 20" Wrap Canvas

This is the third in the series of white panels. I am introducing each panel separately because I'm selling them individually. The buyer can choose as many panels as they need to fit their space. A 3 seater sofa looks wonderful with three panels above it and so does a queen or king size bed. A hallway may need one or two depending on the length, or a large home or reception area could take many tiled panels.

As you see, each panel is slightly different, although they use the same colour scheme and elements. The colour of these panels is very flexible, so I can paint them to match any decor. Although the initial design idea used vertical lines, each panel looks just as good horizontal. Therefore, as with most of my abstracts, each panel can rotate to suit. In tile form the combinations are endless.

While photographing the images for this series, I discovered that white is tough to depict accurately. White will reflect any light that surrounds it, so, during the day the panels will appear slightly blue from the daylight and at night they will have a warmer cast from the room light. You can play on this effect by using various light bulbs to get the desired effect. As these panels are white, a small projector with changing filters could create a spectacular effect.

The colour of your walls is also a factor. I painted the panels on a pale blue ground, and the cooler undertones prompted me to select warmer whites. Currently I have them displayed on sage walls which are complementing the warm whites, but on a cool background they would be more defined.

This is the 21st painting in my 30 paintings in 30 days quest. Posted as #8 on Leslie Saetas Blog