Thursday, 29 October 2015


The Line of Poplars at Moret sure Loing - Alfred Sisley

Alfred Sisley (October 30, 1839 – January 29, 1899)
He was an impressionist painter born in Paris to British parents. He lived and worked in France, particularly on landscapes.

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Study the paintings of Alfred Sisley
I remember when I was studying Art History years ago I had a period where I adored Alfred Sisley. I was awestruck by his trees. Trees are so difficult to paint and I truly admire anyone that can paint them in a convincing way.

In these three paintings just look at all that colour in the leaves of the trees above and those delicate branches in glowing yellow below. His mastery of the tree can be marveled at in the bottom painting where he has given each type of tree a different treatment and each separate tree it's own character. I believe if you long to become a great landscape painter you would gain a great deal from studying Sisleys trees.

Small Meadows in Spring - Alfred Sisley

Pathway at Les Sablons - Alfred Sisley

by Sea Dean
4" x 6" Canvas Panel

I have nothing in my personal catalogue which comes close to the delicacy of Sisley's landscapes, but in one of my favourite semi-abstracts FIELDS OF GOLD, I was working with the same principals of light, colour and movement. This is one of my paintings that one day I would like to paint large.