Thursday, 1 October 2015


Last month a fellow artist, Maud Besson helped me translate my bio into acceptable French. She has thoughtful and interesting work, so in return I thought I would introduce her on my blog.


Primarily a figurative painter, I'm Involved in constant aesthetic research. By creating my work, I express who I am. Born and raised in France, I quickly learned that my calling was art. Through my studies, I discovered that painting was my true passion. The majority of my creations are figures and portraits, expressed in my own style.

My first goal is to isolate the emotion of one precise moment, to create a testimony of that instant. I'm inspired by the past, the future, memory and transformation of form.

My subjects, male, female or animal can be live or imaginary, but they breathe different air to our world.

I also like to reform popular images. I often work on themes of iconography and sacred imagery or address topical issues such as the environment.

My primary media are acrylic and oil. I thin them, or use them thick and layered, adding texture by scratching fresh paint or spreading it with my fingers. I use many methods to breahe life into my painting. Sometimes, I incorporate techniques such as threading, image transfer, joining and collage of pearls and other objects.

I study technique, which I explore in sketches and travel journals. I've also mastered more traditional media including watercolor, India ink and charcoal.

Some may say my work is dark, but I do not paint to shock. Instead, I interpret life through my theme of force and hope for the future. For me, a painting must speak to the viewer. Viewing my art should not be a passive experience.

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