Friday, 23 October 2015



Presented in a soft white 8" x 10" mat with backing board and archival bag.

Recently I read a blog by Dream Tolle Perry entitled "Who are you working for?" It is accompanied by a provocative poem, which sent me into thought. Click here to read it. Dreama's poem got me thinking about why I started to paint and why I'm still fascinated by the experience. I'd be interested in your views on this and more later ...

I originally clicked on Dreama's blog to see a peer approach something I have also painted (above). Life moves so fast and although this is a recent painting, I was a different person when I painted this jug, so I"m able to see it with fresh eyes. I ask myself, "What inspired me to paint this jug? What was I trying to convey?" "What does the piece actually say?" Then "What is not evident that would inspire, motivate and excite a desire to own this painting?

Initially I wanted to create a peaceful food related still life. French country evokes a relaxed and happy feeling in me and I love the sense of history in the rust. I think I achieved  my goal, but how could I create more energy in another version? I would open the lid which would add angles to the composition and create curiosity about what it may contain. In another version I may intensify the blue of the jug and lighten and cool the tone of the creamy wall behind. In another version I may fill the jug with lavendar or blossom. That is the very reason an artist works in series, exploring different colours and lighting conditions, testing ideas and getting to know the subject matter.

Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh are two famous artists that loved to paint in series, continuing to develop their understanding of the subject matter. When you paint in series it not only gives an opportunity to learn, but offers the buyer many options. Some people love flowers, others love a certain colour or colour combination and others are attracted by an unusual viewpoint. Therefore painting in series gives both the artist and the art lover an opportunity to be inspired.

I think it unlikely that I will alter this painting, but I may very well paint more in the series and perhaps I will add a little of Dreama's blue to the mix.