Saturday, 21 November 2015

WHITE IS WHITE ... NOT - The Ocean Beckons

8" x 10" in a beautiful white frame
On display in Lake Country Coffee Shop as part of the U100 Exhibition
(Contact me to purchase)

White is white, right? Wrong!

Anyone that has painted an interior white, knows all too well that there are hundreds of colours considered white by the paint and home decor industry. The annoying thing is that artists and interior decorators don't speak the same language, or at least it seems that way. If you would like to work with interior designers it's a good idea to learn their lingo.

Artist colours

Titanium White - A very cool, overpowering and opaque white. Pastels created with this white tend to be thick and heavy looking.

China White - Presumably made from white china clay which has a slightly stoney dull look but not as harsh as Titanium White.

Zinc White (Mixing White) - A soft, lightly coloured and translucent paint that creates more delicate pastels

Antique White - A warm opaque white tending towards beige.

Lead White - A thick metallic tinged opaque white used by early artists which is now banned.

Ivory White - A luscious creamy opaque white. A softer accent than Titanium White, but take care when mixing because it already contains yellow.

Designer Names for White

Almost all commercial interior paint contains Titanium White because of it's coverage and reflectivity. #FFFFFF is the closest html colour to Titanium White

I've been experimenting with various white mixtures for a while and I'm always surprised at how much colour they contain. Take a look at WHITE I below. All those stripes are different tube mixtures that are versions of white or unbleached base colours.

 9" x 12" Canvas Sheet
Soft White Matted to 12" x 16"