Monday, 15 February 2016


4"  x 6" Strathmore 140lb 300 g/m2
Original watercolor

I can't stay away from painting animals too long. I was inspired to paint this photo when I couldn't sleep a few nights ago. Those eyes grabbed me and pulled me in and said "Paint me, paint me!". I usually paint cats that have slitty pupils, but these wide open blue pools were so beautiful that I reached for my handy little watercolour set and got started.

At first I thought I would do a quick sketch, but it was about 4am when I finally put my brush down. It's amazing how long a small painting can take sometimes. They always say don't attempt to paint every piece of hair or fur, but in this case I think it works beautifully. Unfortunately every hair was carefully considered and that took time.

I've received word that I have at least one sale at our new airport location and perhaps more. I'm contemplating what to submit for the next call, closing in April. It is requested that we focus on locally inspired art. Visitors are attracted to our area for so many reasons, the lakes, the fishing, the skiing, the wineries, the fruit, hiking, water sports etc. that there are so many options to choose from. Last time I submitted mainly local scenes on canvas, but I haven't painted many lately.

We can only submit 10 works and they are exhibited for half a year, so it's a bit nerve racking. Small, inexpensive and stunning sells well, but 10 x $50 is only $500 less commission and fees so not a good payback for all the work. 10 x $100 sounds better, but they would have to be totally awe inspiring to sell at that price in a departure lounge.

I'm considering wildlife for a change and I don't mean what spills out of the local clubs at closing time.