Tuesday, 9 February 2016


(The Patriot)
Original Mixed Media with gold, bronze and silver
6" x 4" 140lb 300 G/M2

I read this article on how successful women start their day and I was struck by the propensity to meditate and exercise. Personally I use the early hours when I'm brightest to accomplish detailed tasks that I will be too tired or disinterested in to tackle later.

6 Successful women share their morning routines

My Routine

My morning goes like this.

5am - 8 am (Time depends whether I've worked into the night or not, which is fairly common)
Get up, stumble to the bathroom. On the way turn on the kettle which I've filled the night before because my eyes are barely open yet.

5:15 - 8:15 am
Down that delicious cup of coffee which I generally take back to bed with me

5:15 - 8:15 am for a few hours
Tackle emails, check blog makes sense and went out OK, read incoming blogs, newsletters etc. and post interesting stuff to GET YOUR ART OUT THERE Facebook Group.

6 - 12 noon - I always have breakfast but timing could be anything before noon. Usually coffee gets me motivated and I eat when I feel hungry.

10 am ish - Have a nice hot cup of English Breakfast Tea. Oh so delicious!

10 - 1pm - Start work on my daily painting(s) - now the fun begins!

I'm curious what your mornings are like. Leave a comment or if you're shy feel free to email me.