Saturday, 20 February 2016


6" x 8" Canvas Panel

Continuing with my winter theme, "Snowy Pass" is painted on canvas panel using archival pigment, medium, UV protection. Presented with certificate of authenticity and ready to frame.

I don't travel as much these days, but this used to be a familiar view as I plied my way through the Rocky and Coastal Mountain passes. I don't mind driving in snow as long as I have good snow tires and a reliable car. It's actually quite peaceful because most of the crazies stay at home and it is just the truckers and good drivers that attempt the journey.

This particular pass, the Coquihalla, has improved greatly in recent years, but when it first opened the snow clearing was spotty and there were no exit roads, rest stops or road signs, so you just had to keep going no matter what. I remember one time crawling along at about 10km an hour for hours with the car bottoming out all the way, snow and ice underneath and heavy, mesmerizing snow flakes hitting the windshield. With poor visibility, if you stopped or got stuck an 18 wheeler would come along and knock you into the snow bank so that wasn't an option. That was what we call a "white knuckle" drive.