Wednesday, 9 March 2016


by Sea Dean
16" x 12" Wrap Canvas

My nephew was one of those kids that always brought home strays. Actually he still does, but he's a busy 24 year old now. One day when he was still a small boy he brought home a stray he found in a garbage bin. After a bit of persuading, Moncho became part of the family. He was one of those great dogs that loved everyone and was always willing to join in.

Moncho, therefore, was my nephew's childhood dog. The kids played with him like a living doll and he never complained. When they dressed up, Moncho had to be dressed too and he was a good sport. This painting is from a photo of Moncho on one of those occasions.
Eventually Moncho aged and succumbed to illness. He left the family at a ripe old age and his presence on the patio is still missed.

I love painting large portraits of pets, from the owner's photos, so contact me to reserve a spot for your favorite pal.