Saturday, 14 May 2016

WATERLILY - #93 of 100 drawings

6" x 6" Mid tone grey acid and lignin free paper
100 drawings - #93

Yesterday, I found a wonderful print of a waterlily painting by Claude Monet. Could not resist because is was in a modern frame with glass and hanging wire. Everyone should have at least one Monet print in their collection. Or better yet, a painting of one of his famous works. In celebration of my find, here is a drawing of a waterlily.

I didn't think I would like the grey paper, but this series of 100 drawings is for exploration, so I tried it. I found that I quite like it because it's not as stark as white, but still neutral. I think I may be drawing more waterlilies in the weeks to come because they are so elegant. I can see why Monet was so drawn to them.

I put some of the things I learned on drawing the Dahlia into practice, taking care to make each petal individual and making each corner of the drawing different. That lizard brain that likes everything balanced and symmetrical is a tough one to fight, but I like the result.