Sunday, 3 July 2016


by Sea Dean
8" x 8" low profile wrap canvas

I read the article below recently. Wise words when you get the inevitable request for a discount or when negotiating a commission. The painting above is waiting for it's new owner. Not at a discount, but at my regular low price.

"Professional artists hold true to their prices; amateurs don’t.

If your goal is to build a lucrative career ..., then never lower your rates. There is a reason you’re charging what you’re charging. You’ve spent your whole life working and investing in your skills and talent. ..... 
So if your client asks you to lower your rate, then lower the amount of work you’re going to do as well. If their budget doesn’t match the work you have to do, then do less work. Don’t ever do lower quality work, just lower the scope of the project."
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