Wednesday, 1 June 2016


6" x 4"
Mounted in an 8" x 10" Soft White Mat

I thought my readers may enjoy seeing which of my paintings have recently sold. I've always loved this painting for it's brushwork and the gorgeous combination of spring like colors. It comes as no surprise then that it sold in the spring.

I had the rare opportunity of being in the gallery when the piece sold. The gallery owner had cleverly placed some of my matted small works on the counter facing the door. I was just finishing up a change out and chatting with Cathy, the owner, and a customer breezed in. She was a regular customer and had some framing to pick up. This little painting immediately caught her attention and she bought it on the spot for a friend.

The customer said she has a box for gifts and when she sees something appropriate for a friend she buys it and keeps it until a special occasion. A lovely idea and so much better than dashing out the day before a birthday and trying to find something appropriate.