Saturday, 9 July 2016


10 July 1830 - Born the son of a French-Jewish storekeeper on the Island of St Thomas in the Antilles
1842-47 - Attended school in Paris
1855 - Studied in Paris
1863 - Salon de Refusee artist with the Impressionists
1870 - Most of his 1500 works to that date were destroyed during the German invasion
1874 - In all 8 impressionist exhibitions - The only impressionist to attend all 8 exhibitions.
1884-89 - Experimented with style of Seurat
12 November 1903 Died in Paris

He was heavily influenced by Corot and Courbet
Painted with Monet, Guillaumin and Cezanne
Both Cezanne and Gauguin acknowledged his influence
Painted in Paris, London, Louvecienne and Pontoise

Although he was a great influence on many of the Impressionists and those who went after, he is not as well known as Claude Monet. After his life's work was destroyed he moved away from Paris, while Monet stayed and continued to socialize in the right circles. Pissarro is best known for his landscapes with wonderful trees, and interesting light.