Saturday, 1 October 2016


by Sea Dean
2.5" x 3.5" Acid Free Bristol

Now on view at Lake Country Art Gallery Shop on the "Feature Artist" wall.

I've been an avid supporter of the Art Shop since it was created over two years ago. It used to be housed in the Art House, an annex for working artists next to the gallery. A year ago many volunteers put out a huge amount of effort to renovate the back room of the gallery into a much larger shop, which is packed with the most amazing selection of local art, from jewellery to stained glass to handmade soap and of course art cards,prints and paintings.

The volunteers that work in the shop are the local artists themselves, and I am proudly one of them. That way, visitors can be assured that no matter when they visit, they can ask questions of a working artist, see their work and immerse themselves in the local art world.

For a few years now, I've been using medium as a base to give a fluid touch to the brush and a smoother surface to paint on. Prior to that I applied several coats of Gesso and sanded in between, but that was very messy and I found that it sucked the moisture out of the acrylic drying it too fast. For my last Skyway collection I trialed GOLDEN GAC 100, which is recommended to seal acidic surfaces and when dry I applied medium. For this series of miniatures I decided to coat the acid free Bristol Board with GOLDEN OPEN TITANIUM WHITE.

Golden Open is the slow drying acrylic paint, which I use for plain air painting. I've never used the Bob Ross method of painting, but like others, I've spent many happy hours watching him paint on TV. Just before starting this series I remembered his use of "Liquid White" and wondered if I could duplicate the effect with Golden Open Titanium White. Answer... possibly.

The slow drying paint was a great improvement on the faster drying Liquitex Medium and Varnish I generally use. This new technique will be very useful in our hot dry summers. I'm not a big fan of Titanium White, so now I'm interested in trying some Open mediums as a base.

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