Friday, 7 October 2016


If you had to choose just two colors what would they be and why? You are all artists and art lovers, so You can't get away with just saying "Blue" or "Red", exactly what brand of paint, color, pigment or shade are your favorites?

The colors I like to paint with are surprisingly not the same as the ones I like to wear or the ones I like to decorate with. For example, I love all blues in paint, but the only blues I would entertain on a car are deep indigo and brilliant sky blue. My favorite red in paintings is cadmium red light, but I could never wear it.

A pigment salesperson told me once that all paint colors are controlled by the auto industry because they are the largest consumer of pigment. If a certain pigment doesn't work for cars, it soon becomes unavailable to artists. That would account for why it is so hard to find just the right color for a sky or a flower. It would also account for the extraordinary lack of pretty pinks available to us, after all how many pink pick up trucks have you seen lately?

I would find it hard to choose just two favorite paint pigments, although Liquitex Heavy Body Cadmium Red Light and Light Permanent Blue would certainly be my favorite opaques. Since starting to use transparent paint, I've come to appreciate colors that seem too dark or lifeless in opaque and my transparent favorites include Liquitex Heavy Body Prussian Blue and Golden Heavy Body Transparent Red Oxide. Notice both pairs are complimentaries.