Sunday, 30 October 2016

IPAD DRAWING - Ocean Series - Abalone

Oceans Series by Sea Dean
Copyrighted iPad drawing
Available as a one time use download or limited edition print

I'm enjoying spending a bit more time on each drawing as I work through the challenges of the Notes drawing app. 

The secret is in learning how to layer the translucent colors of the marker tool. I use the white marker tool to lighten some of the colors that seem too intense. I rarely use the eraser because it absolutely returns everything to white. With the white marker you have to pass over the color several times to make remove all lines, so it gives you more options. 

I find that in order to create a full color rendition like the abalone shell above, I have to go through several stages of coloring and whitening until I get the desired effect. Once again I am learning not to slow down and put more and more thought into each stroke as I get closer to completion.

PS. This one really makes my heart sing