Sunday, 20 November 2016

U100 SHOW - Blue Bird And Lilies

5" x 5" Wrap Canvas
Available at U100 Show

This little Blue Bird is coming in to land near a bed of Day Lilies which are very popular in Okanagan gardens. For little birds they have very big feet and claws which being omnivores, they use to grab fruit, bugs and spiders, but they have also been known to eat small rodents. 

Western and Eastern Blue Birds have red, white and blue markings, with only the Mountain Blue Bird being entirely blue.

The U100 Show takes place every year at Lake Country Art Gallery. This year there are nearly 1,000 works under 100 square inches and priced under $100. It will take the exhibition team over a week to prepare and hang this amazing collection. 

For enthusiastic early birds, the exhibition opens Saturday 19th November. Saturday and Sunday are hectic as buyers flood in to see small works by some of the top artists in the area and red dots flow as paintings are snapped up as gifts. I will be at the gallery both afternoons to assist buyers and answer questions. 

For last minute shoppers, this year the show closes December 21st but it's best to come early. In previous years we've sold a large portion of paintings in the first few days of the show and because buyers are allowed to take paintings off the walls, we have a fresh intake of art after the first week to fill spaces. 

For buyers and volunteers alike it's a high energy and fun show.