Tuesday, 28 February 2017

1000,000 Trees - Repaint

100,000 TREES
24" x 24" Deep Wrap Canvas
$349 + shipping
On Exhibition at Kelowna Airport Skyway

This painting was created to celebrate the history of my town. At one point a local genius recognised the potential of the climate, designed the first wooden irrigation system and opened up the area to fruit growing. Those who have followed my bog for a while will recognize the version below.

Early version of 100,000 Trees

If a painting has done the rounds of local exhibitions and galleries and I'm sure none of my regular patrons are considering buying it, I see no point in putting it in storage. Therefore over time, this painting has undergone a few adjustments and even been used as a demo painting. The wooden irrigation trough was on both sides, then I removed one side, then I added a deer, I removed some trees, then I removed the other piece of irrigation, removed more trees and last week I added a peekaboo landscape.

With oil painting it's not a good idea to re-use a canvas without completely eliminating the first painting, because oil becomes more transparent and possibly cracks over time. You don't want a student portrait of your dog suddenly ghosting through your beautiful landscape, particularly if it is upside down. :) Acrylics are far more forgiving and easy to overpaint. Acrylics don't become more transparent or crack and as long as you've used paintable or no varnish, it's perfectly OK to re-use the canvas. You can gesso over or use neutral acrylic ground, but I like to adapt the original painting as is.

I've recently learned the value of mark making from my iPad experiments, so when I added the landscape I also adapted the blossom with various sized brushes. I also wanted to add more definition and spice, so I darkened some areas and added a little quinacridone/Dioxazine mix to the branches for spice. I liked the painting before, but now I simply LOVE IT!

The painting is on exhibition at Kelowna Airport Skyway Departure Lounge for 3 months, but I'm happy to take commissions for something similar in any size.