Wednesday, 22 February 2017

BLUE WEAVE by Sea Dean

24" x 24" Deep Canvas Wrap

This painting is for the Intergenerational Exhibition at Lake Country Art Gallery. The whole premise behind the collection is that each painting is to be created by at least two people of different ages. I have already shown the lovely botanical abstract "Blossoming", created by my friend Tammie and I. This is a second submission created by myself and a popular younger male artist who wishes to remain a silent partner.

It is in my DNA to weave. For many years we had a large cloth weaving loom which my mother commissioned just before she married. We still have the accompanying  spinning wheel together with a tiny stool embroidered by my grandmother. It was that same grandmother who taught me how to create beautiful woven seed bead jewellery with a tiny loom. I also taught myself how to weave baskets and corn dollies from various types of wood and grasses. Naturally, when I discovered the idea of weaving canvas I just had to give it a go.
HFor this weave I chose to use a half finished painting of my own and wove into it a fabulous demo painting by my collaborator. As you can probably see, this isn't a simple one over, one under weave, but I selected as many as five or six above or below, to bring favourite areas to the fore.

As this artwork is in effect two paintings I have priced it as a premium art piece.