Saturday, 18 February 2017

LIBERATE YOUR ART 2017 - Join the fun!

A few years ago (I think about four) I was introduced to the Kat Sloma Liberate your Art postcard swap. This is not just for artists that paint, but includes all kinds of art and crafts. I have grown a wonderful collection of postcards from all over the world, sent to me via the main swap and side swaps. I stay in touch with many of the swappers especially during the event which lasts about a month. To find out more and join the swap click here

There is plenty of time to prepare as the actual swap takes place March 18th, but it's always good to start early. It's a wonderful way to promote your art and socialize.
My postcards this year show a collection of my art, compiled for my participation in Lake Country Art Walk. I've assembled my 5 postcards plus 10 extra for Kat and her helpers (optional) and they are on their way south.
I'm looking forward to seeing where my postcards arrive from this year, and of course I will be sharing them with you as they arrive.