Friday, 10 February 2017

THEFT, STOLEN ART - The Gift - Sea Dean

THE GIFT by Sea Dean  12" x 36" Deep Gallery Wrap
The second blog in the series stolen art

There are two kinds of art theft and both hurt the artist and/or owner of the work.

The first is breaching copyright by copying another artists work in order to sell for financial gain. This is often manufacturers grabbing images off the internet and using them outright, or it can be
simply painting a copy of a copyrighted work. Both are dishonest, subject to prosecution, and in plague proportions in the art world.

The second is physically stealing a painting from a home, office, shop, exhibition or gallery. I've been watching a program on PBS called "The Art of the Heist" and it jogged my memory about work that was stolen from me. I will cover Some of these in the hope that someone knows something. It's not only the financial loss that hurts, it's the violation and the lack of resolution.

This second stolen painting has much the same story as the first, except it is one of my own works.
The Gift is a very special painting to me because it was painted from an image of a special place. It was also the first painting I completed that went beyond painting a simple view. I felt sure it would sell, to bring in much needed funds, so I consigned it for $600 to the same "trustworthy" art dealer as the Rod Charlesworth I spoke of in the first blog.

My Art dealer, Marlowe Goring owned Qualicum Frameworks at the time and later moved to Art Worxx, both at Qualicum Beach, B.C. (See below).

Qualicum Frameworks
673 Fir Street
Qualicum Beach, B.C., V9K 1T2

Later while I was trying to recover my art, Mr Goring moved his business to a new location

Art Worx
701 Primrose Street,
Qualicum Beach, B.C. V9K 1T2

If anyone knows anything of the whereabouts of Mr Marlowe Goring, the stolen Rod Charlesworth painting "Island View" or the stolen Sea Dean painting "The Gift",  please contact me. I would be happy to offer a reward.
Island View as it was framed when consigned
... The first painting is one that I bid on in a charity auction. The painting is "Island Vista" by a well known B.C. Artist, Rod Charlesworth. I loved the painting, but early in my return to art as a profession, I decided to sell the painting so I could buy supplies for my studio. I researched and decided to consign the painting to a reputable and well established art dealer, Marlowe Goring.

To cut a long and involved story short, Mr Goring over extended himself and did a disappearing act one night, along with all the art in his gallery. That was the last I saw of my Charlesworth, the $1,200 asking price and my painting The Gift, which is valued at $600.