Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Furniture Painting Demo with Gail Hodgson - Part III

How to Crackle

Cottage Paint Crackle Medium
I've tried other brands, but this Canadian brand seems to work quickly and gives the best effect. Crackle must be applied between two coats of paint, base coat, thick crackle coat, then thick top coat. For best results put top coat on very thick and brush all in one direction. The top coat on this crackle mirror is "Narvick blue" Cottage Paint.

Color Wash

Start with light color (Asphalt). Two coats regular thickness. Dry well.
Overlay darker color on top (Charcoal). Make the top coat very thin. Thin with glaze or water. Use a damp sponge to apply. When all is dry apply two coats of wax. (See tomorrow's blog for waxing).

Applying Color Wash

Finished Color Wash

Finally waxing on my blog tomorrow