Saturday, 25 March 2017

Home Decor - Best all round colors to select

I found this info on Country Living and found it very useful.
Paint color Hall of Fame

Which are your favourites?
Visit the link, pick yours and leave a comment below.

Here are my favourites from their list of 29.
1. Barnstable Blue by Ralph Lauren
Chosen because I purchased a gorgeous hand loomed carpet last year which has a very unusual combination of colors. This blue is one of them and as it has proved difficult to find in accessories, I'm pleased Old Ralphie has it in his collection.

3. Pale Powder by Farrow and Ball
Similar, but lighter than #1. It strikes me that the two colors remind me of a summer sky.

7. Old Navy by Benjamin Moore
I love wearing deep rich blues, so regal and they are also hard to find. The same carpet has a deep blue border, with similar richness, but darker, almost black.

10. Tibetan Jasmine by Ralph Lauren Paint
Now that is a gorgeous color like fresh whipped cream. I'm detecting a theme here as this color is also in my carpet. No wonder I just had to have it. Ralphie picked this for his own stores; I think he has great taste.

11. Galápagos Islands by Clarke and Kensington
I simply don't understand why I love this Limey green so much, except one article did give he clue that it inspires optimism, which is something I need to encourage in my space. Until I got the carpet I was going to paint a feature wall in this color, but it simply doesn't go.

14. Silver Birch by Glidden
There's a version of that lovely pale blue again.

16. Heirloom Red by Valspar
Close to the red color in the aforementioned carpet. Again, nice and rich.

20. Whythe Blue by Benjamin Moore
A. Darker version of that pretty soft turquoise. They talk about it being extremely versatile, for any room.

23. Brinjal by Farrow and Ball
This makes a superb accent wall color. Not feminine or masculin, but works for both. A natural looking color without being too "in your face" greenie.

27. Mushroom - no supplier given
A nice warm color but still quite neutral. If you don't like grey or magnolia, this is a good alternative.

It seems that 10 of the 29 work splendidly for me. Several of their other top choices are of the coral/salmon family and although I get it, the option is not currently for me. Perhaps I can see it as an exterior color on a holiday home in the sun. One of my favourite colors for home decor is not here, it's a true sunny cadmium yellow. They have three yellows but none of them do it for me.