Sunday, 23 April 2017

Do you have blue blood?

I found this charming photo on Pinterest. Princess Elizabeth with her sister Margaret and her beloved father, King George VI. I know this is a posed photo, probably a reject because the princesses were momentarily distracted, however, it has a relaxed feel to it, and I love the setting, probably somewhere on the Balmoral or Sandringham Estate.

"With at least 40 'natural' children born to the British royal family between the eleventh and fifteenth centuries, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE magazine says that there are over four million descendants of Edward III alive today, going on to state that some experts believe that "practically everyone" with British ancestry could be descended from royalty. If you're one of the estimated 13% of Americans and 21% of Canadians with British ancestry, your chances of finding a royal connection are actually better than you might think."

There have always been family stories that I have blue blood on my German side, but now it appears that I may be royal through and through. No wonder I'm a bit of a closet Royalist. My father was called Arthur, possibly after the Camelot king, and the latest heir to the throne is even named after my mother, Charlotte. Now, about those castles .....