Thursday, 13 April 2017

Liberate your art postcard swap bloghop - #LYA2017

My Postcard for the 2017 LYA Swap - showcasing some of my work

The final postcards of the 2017 "Liberate your art" postcard swap were mailed and the swap is coming to a close. Even though all the postcards have been mailed, we still have a final celebration April 14 - 16, when Kat Sloma reveals the video, the number of participants, destinations and the art she has created for the 2017 swap. This is a chance to connect with fellow artists, see more of the postcards and find out where they landed.

This is the 2017 Video - This year mine is just before the word CREATE

This year I'm away, so most of my swap postcards will be waiting when I get home. Before I left I did receive a side share from David Wolanski, who collects addresses and randomly mails out postcards throughout the year. His postcards always seem to arrive when I'm at a low ebb and they really brighten my day. Thank you David! His peaceful black and white image is below and you can see more of his work at

Side Swap from David Wolanski

Then I received my first swap postcard just before I left. I was in such a tizzy with last minute stuff that I managed to take a photo of the postcard with one of my sculptures and neglected to copy the back info. Sorry, whoever you are, but I do love your sunny postcard. I will share your name with the other cards when I get home.

Mystery postcard (see my blog in last week of April to see who it's from. 
PS this sculpture is for sale, if you love it contact me.

Through the wonders of email and Facebook, so far  three of the people who received my postcards have contacted me.

Christine B. - New Haven, CT USA
Kindly offered to send me a card in return - Thank you Christine, it' a lovely thought and something I may copy next year.

Beth L. - Bloomsburg, P.A. USA - Who shares a love of history and antiques.
Antique shop

Fran P.  - Little River, South Carolina USA - Thank you for contacting me Fran. I love to discover where my art has flown.

Can't get enough of the 2017 Liberate your Art postcard swap?

I've created a blog about past LYA swaps. Here are all the videos of art postcards and stats on the swap. Visit the past blog hops, each with links to the artist blogs and websites. I'm going to drop in to a few each day this year until the next swap. It's a great way to spark ideas for 2018. Bookmark this post, or better tet, follow my blog for free lessons, ideas, progress images, art, home decor and more.

(If you're having trouble viewing any of the videos, go directly to my blog by clicking on this blog title, or at )