Saturday, 6 May 2017

Quirky is in

by Sea Dean
6" x 8" Photographic Print
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In order to market your art it's important to understand who the customer is. Once you know your customer you will be able to select the right locations to show your work. If you are willing to adapt to trends you can live at the exciting cutting edge. If you prefer to remain traditional, then seek out the traditional buying public.

GECKO by Sea Dean - all rights reserved
Quirky is in

Time and time again I study what is selling in the art world and I find it is nothing like the work the bulk of artists are producing and being trained to create. The gap is largely generational. There will probably always be a market for pet portraits, florals and landscapes, however, even these traditional best sellers benefit from a bit of quirkiness.

As a general rule, the people buying art these days fall into a few categories.
1. Well heeled seniors treating themselves to a new condo and new decor. (mainly baby boomers)
2. Newly married (partnered) couples setting up home.
3. Young professionals wishing to impress.
4. Investors.
5. Public and corporate art.

There are other buyers but they do not represent a large percentage of patrons.

Some of these buyers may purchase traditional art, but as a general rule they are looking for one or more large pieces with impact. Think, over the couch, over the bed, in the entrance, in the guest room and possibly in the home office. Smaller pieces for the powder room or hallway are also popular, but the quiky factor must be there.

YUM by Sea Dean - all rights reserved

What is quirky?
1. Interesting juxtoposition of color or objects.
2. Art that makes you think.
3. Exaggeration.
4. Non-representational.
5. Repurposed pieces.
6. Collage.
7. Difficult to copy.
8. Radical.
9. Comedy.

You get the idea! ... So how can you introduce more quirkiness into your work and therefore hopefully sell more? I would love to hear your input in the comments.