Friday, 16 June 2017

20 Minute Painting - Lake Breeze

16" x 20" approx.
Flat Canvas with about 1.5 inch border for framing or mounting
Price on Request

This is the first painting in a new series inspired by my participation in Art Battle. In Art Battle you are only given 20 minutes to complete an 18" x 24" painting, in a boiler room competitive environment. You must start with a blank canvas, use only 11 acrylic paint colors (see list), no medium, gel, or additives and use only brushes and non mechanical tools. You are not even allowed a water spray bottle.

Allowed Colors

Titanim White
Unbleached Titanium
Burnt Sienna
Burnt Umber
Bright Yellow
Bright Orange
Bright Red
Phthalo Green
Pthalo Blue
light Cyan

I found that the limited palette and timing forced me to make quick decisions about color mixes. I worked with a bigger brush and stood a t an easel to give myself freedom of movement. The larger canvas forced me to move faster with sweeping strokes. Standing made it easier to step back and gain perspective. The result was a fresh and impulsive painting that embodied everything I've learned in my painting career.

The new series builds upon the Art Battle concept to produce a more finished and saleable work. Painting fast means sometimes little mistakes happen and places are left bare in error. Therefore this new series allows 20 mins for the initial painting with an extra 10 mins for adjustments after allowing the paint to settle and any errors to emerge. I also don't want to build up an inventory of large paintings, so I will probably paint a bit smaller and likely on unstretched canvas which is easier to store.

I'm not sure how often I will create one of these paintings, or as yet what I will name the series, however, it will be at least one a month. If you have an idea for naming the series please leave me a comment.