Saturday, 22 July 2017

A Little Behind

A Little Behind

Actually my behind is much bigger than I would like, but what I'm referring to here is how slack I've been at posting. It's certainly not because I haven't been working, it's because I've been so busy Painting, cataloging, restocking my galleries, accounting, scheduling and living, that time just got away from me. I was quite shocked to see I havent posted for two weeks.

Locally we've had some trials, first with extensive run off flooding around the creeks and properties bordering the lakes, then fire season arrived with a bang and for weeks we've been trapped inside peering out through veils of smoke and wondering if we would ever be able to enjoy summer. When the wind shifts we dash down to the pool to swim some lengths, but all my plans for daily walks in the park have been put on hold.

The abstract above is one of my recent iPad drawings entitled Zorro for obvious reasons. I'm quite taken with it. As always my IPad work is available in limited edition canvas prints. Just contact me here.

8" x 10" - $65 + shipping
6" x 8" - $55 + shipping

I will do my best to catch up over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more new work, interesting idea, tips and tricks etc. Follow my blog, Pinterest, etc by clicking the various buttons around this blog.