Thursday, 27 July 2017

Birch View

4" approx. Birch Slice
Archival Prep
Use with small easel or hanger attached
$49 + Shipping

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I've been obsessed with finding a way to paint round for a couple of years now. Round canvases are available, but they are either cheaply made or well over the point where I can still make a small profit. I've spent hours trawling the internet for inventive options from drink coasters to embroidery hoops, but nothing gives the quality appearance I want to achieve. These natural birch slices were one option I found and ordered a box to test.

The slices are naturally aged, but the natural gasses would seep into the painting and affect the colors if they weren't treated first. I used GAC 100 to seal them and then clear gesso to give a better painting surface. This is a time consuming and expensive process because the dry wood sucks in the product. I resolved to go to the hardware store to investigate another sealing option, but I dont think it would be archival.

My round obsession probably originates from one of my favorite paintings being round, The Sea Hath it's Pearls by William Henry Margetson. I have this painting on my to do list and I'm always thinking about how to approach the frame, which is an integral part of the success of the painting. Some prints use a generic roccoco frame and others paint it on the canvas. As the crabs are an integral part of the success of the painting, I think this is the best option. Another option would be to obtain a plain round frame and carve into the wood, or coat with many layers of plaster and carve into that. I'll keep you posted on this project.