Saturday, 12 August 2017

Simply iPad Drawing - Cats

I've admired simplified drawing for as long as I can remember. In attempting the technique myself, I've never been satisfied with the drag of the medium on the substrate. It seems to me that it's important to use a flowing medium and a super smooth substrate to create awe inspiring simple line. The challenge there is that flowing medium generally has a mind of its own on a smooth surface.

At school and art school I was taught that an artist should never use an eraser when drawing; it's one of those rules that just beg to be broken, like never using white watercolor paint. Sadly when drawing with graphite (pencil), unless you have a great technique with a specialist eraser, it is obvious that you have erased a section. Being able to erase without leaving a mark frees up creativity.

Since I began iPad drawing I've used the eraser and translucent white-out tool as an integral part of the design. Critics have praised me for allowing the marks to show and in fact making them important to the piece. Below you can see one of my most popular pieces BIRCHES iPad Drawing, which clearly show this technique. Birches is available in a limited edition 8" x 10" print by contacting me here

Recently I decided to work with my iPad on a series of super simplified drawings and it's been and all absorbing and mind blowing process. The iPad is a lovely smooth surface and the medium is digital printing so no problem there with runs. I also liberally erase or use the back button to correct, so no restrictions there. I love iPad drawing so much that its difficult to pull myself away again to paint with acrylics.

I've always loved the human form and I believe that the purest form of figure drawing is undraped. Although I started this series with nudes, I've diversified to cats and landscapes: I will probably add
flowers, birds and fish, as I continue to explore, but my first love will always be simplified nudes.

For those with delicate sensibilities I am starting here with my cats. Currently each cat drawing is available in art card form by contacting me here. $5 each plus shipping. The cards are 5" x 6.5" and come with an envelope in an archival crystal clear bag. As I update my website I will be adding them to the shop and also my Artfinder gallery. Daily Paintworks is in the process of allowing print purchases so I will add them there when I can.

I'm also in the early stages of designing larger prints on bamboo paper or canvas, which are gorgeous, so I'll keep you informed when they become available.

Stay tuned for a sneak peek at some of the simplified nudes.