Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Misty River - One Finger Drawing - 27/30

One Finger Drawing by Sea Dean
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Its funny where inspiration comes from. I was having a well deserved rest watching TV and suddenly there was a beautiful river view. The water reminded me of my one finger drawing from Day and I was inspired to try and capture that look in river water. Towards the end I needed ‘something’ and an Eagle looking for an early morning feed of salmon came to mind. I made him a bald headed Eagle because we see so many in our wilderness.

I had a rough time with this drawing because Apple decided to put through an update to IOS and for a moment of panic I thought the app I used had been eliminated. Gasp! Luckily I rediscovered it hiding in NOTES, but for a while it wasn’t working properly. This drawing kept rebuilding itself each time I did a save, fascinating to watch, but time consuming. Then the image would only show as a place holder. Then the back button dissappeared, which was nasty because I go back many moves sometimes to get the line perfect. Sigh! It seems to be working OK now, but for a moment I thiught I would have to learn a whole new program for the last few days of the challenge.

I'm one of the artists taking part in the Leslie Saeta 30 paintings in 30 days challenge. This is the ninth time Leslie has held this event and I've taken part in each one. This is # twenty seven of the thirty drawings I plan to complete by September 30th.

I'm pleased to be part of the challenge once again and look forward to adding 30 new drawings to my Limited Edition Collection.

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I'm at #9