Saturday, 30 September 2017

THE GRAND FINALE - 30 One Finger Drawings in 30 Days - Collage

When I first started daily painting I found it a real struggle to birth that painting each day. In that first year I created 365 paintings. It was completely exhausting. As my skills developed I started to prep the canvas in batches, find faster ways to choose subject matter and paint. Now I’ve created thousands of paintings and it is getting easier. Part of the credit goes to taking part in Leslie Saetas 30 paintings in 30 days twice a year for the past four years. It's inspiring to be part of this huge group of artists, all intent on producing a piece of art each day. During the month I view hundreds of paintings each day, follow the blogs of inspiring new artists and thoroughly enjoy the event. Thankfully, I no longer hesitate when I sit down to create.

Here are my 30 “One Finger” Drawings of the September 2017 Leslie Saeta 30 paintings in 30 days challenge. Thank you loyal readers for encouraging me through another full on creation experience.

And the final two

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