Sunday, 26 November 2017

$5,500 Art Sold in One Day!

As predicted, the Lake Country Art Gallery Under 100 show opened with a bang yesterday. Unfortunately I had seven other events to skid round, so I didnt make it out there, but I’m hoping to go soon.

$5,500 worth of paintings were sold, which is pretty amazing considering they were all under $100. My One Finger Drawings Shimmering Heat and The Marina found new homes and every artist that has sold two or more by Sunday evening opening can submit more work next week, so I’m in! I’m amazed I sold more than two legends of the local scene, Tina Siddiqui and Kara Barkvad, so I must be doing something right.

The stars as always were Jolene Mackie and Margaret Kyle. Speaking to different audiences, Jolene has the young crowd and Margaret has been a top local instuctor for many years and has a large grey fox following. I’m pleased to say that my friends Sharlene McNeill, Maud Besson, Sheila Tansy and June Seed made some sales.

I thought you’d be interested in seeing what sold and check out the artists, so I’ve compiled a list. The titles and media give you an idea of what the buyers chose. I suggest googling their names and Okanagan or Lake Country and their blogs or websites should appear, so you can visit their web presence.

My sale at Artfinder continues with new work added daily, so take a peek and feedback is always welcome.

Anne Gidluck - 3 paintings
Naramata Summer Acrylic on Canvas
The Three Stooges Acrylic on Canvas
The Curious Couple Acrylic on Canvas

Angela Hansen - 2 paintings
Autumn Gold encaustic & oil
Tree of Wonder encaustic & oil

Angela Maher - 2 paintings
Sunset Dance Linocut on Paper
The Guardian Linocut on Paper

Anita McComas - 3 paintings
It Feeds The Soul Acrylic on Canvas
Riot In The Sky Acrylic on Canvas
You Talkin' to Me? Acrylic on Canvas

Amy Piquette - 3 paintings
Neighbourhood Watch Acrylic
Curiosity and the Coon Acrylic
The Leader Acrylic

Carmen Venturi Probitatis Acrylic on canvas

Dianne Postman - 2 paintings
Rocky Mountain One Acrylic on Canvas
Rocky Mountain Three Acrylic on Canvas

Elizabeth Christie - 2 paintings
Misty Mountains Acrylic on Canvas
Blue Marsh Acrylic on Canvas

Eileen Murray Delight mixed media on cradle board

Eveline Wallace Gnoma Jean Acrylic on Mini Frame canvas

Farida Coates - 2 paintings
Paramount Oil
Moose Oil

Gabrielle Strong 2017_Six OIL

Jolene Mackie - 6 paintings
Shooting star Oil on Panel
Set sail Oil on Panel
Day moon sail Oil on Panel
Lakeside Oil on Canvas
Float on Oil on Canvas
The vast unknown Oil on Canvas

Joan Norkum - 2 paintings
A little dusting Encaustic
Don't be afraid Encaustic

June Seed Lilly Pads mixed media

Jessie Sapach Carrion Crow Mixed media on glass

Kara Barkved Pool of Consciousness acrylic cold wax on canvas

Lorraine Hodges Ginko Glory Dye on Gourd

Leona Senez Poppies Acrylic on Canvas

Lauren Wilson SHIFT 1 Graphite on Khadi paper

Maud Besson - 3 Paintings
"Pieuvre GĂ©ante - Giant Octopus" Mixed media on canvas
"Renard" Acrylic on wood panel
"Ours noir" Acrylic on wood panel

Michelle Droettboom - 4 paintings
Berry Pickin' Acrylic
Porch Watching
Whimsy Acrylic
Pop of Color Watercolor

Margaret Kyle - 8 paintings
Koi Pond Watercolour
Skating on Duck Lake Watercolour
Hugging the Shore Watercolour
Lodge Road Cows one watercolour
Lodge Road Cows two watercolour
Peach Trees in Bloom watercolour
Fall Maples watercolour
A Parliment of Magpies watercolour

Maureen Lejbak Sunflower Mixed Media

Prazeres Bayford Kingfisher Acrylic

Sea Dean - 2 paintings
Shimmering Heat Hand Painted Digital Drawing
The Marina Hand Painted Digital Drawing

Sharlene McNeill - 2 paintings
Underwater Ink on paper
The Cellar Ink on paper

Shelah Pansegrau - 3 paintings
Night Flyer Embossed Pewter
Irma, Before the Hurricane Embossed Pewter
Messenger Embossed Pewter

Sheila Tansey - 3 paintings
Bus Parade acrylic
Chirp Party acrylic
Bike, Cat and Blue Shutters acrylic

Trina Ganson Un-Raveled Etching

Tina Siddiqui Irresistible beckoning acrylics on cradle panel

Toby Wesenberg Nib Mixed

Valerie Fortey Cells Alcohol ink on Yupo on wood

Valerie Thompson Pears Acrylic on canvas