Sunday, 11 February 2018

Hidden Lake - Bob Ross in Acrylic 3-12 #30in30 - 12

In Studio Light

Sunny Natural Daylight

Today I found out how to play YouTube on my TV, which was very exciting and I got so engrossed that I messed up the Bob Ross painting I was working on. Normally I would wait for it to dry, back up a few steps and rescue it, but this time I wanted to experiment.

Prior to starting the painting I had watched a question and answer session with Bob Ross and his son doing the demo and I thought I would practice some of the techniques. I also wanted to heap on some texture. The result is nothing like the Bob Ross painting and I love it!

Bob advice

Work in planes. Every plane adds more depth to your painting.

You must be able to see the background through the leaves. Spaces for the little birds to sit.

You need dark to show the light. Don't lose the dark, your trees will look flat and we don't like flat trees.

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