Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Meadow Lake - Bob Ross in Acrylic 2-1 - #30in30 - 14

For the second series Bob changed his color selection very slightly. The original colors were Titanium White, Prussian Blue, Phthalo Green, Alizarin Crimson, Van Dyck Brown, Cadmium Yellow, and Permanent Red. Later in the first series Sap Green and Phthalo Blue were added. For the second series Bob also added Burnt Umber, Yellow Ochre and Indian Yellow, warming his palette slightly. This means he is now working with a full cool/warm palette with extra geens and browns to help with mixing landscpe colors.

Red Cool - Alizarin Crimson
Red Warm - Permanent Red
Blue Cool - Prussian Blue
Blue Warm - Phthalo Blue
Yellow Cool - Cadmium Yellow
Yellow Warm - Yellow Ochre and Indian Yellow
Green Cool - Phthalo Green
Green Warm - Sap Green
Brown Cool - Van Dyck Brown
Brown Warm - Burnt Umber
Liquid White and Titanium White which are used for mixing and are fairly neutral

Bob Ross Meadow Lake - Series 2 Episode 1

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