Saturday, 11 January 2020

Art Production and momentum is Key

I recently read a blog by a very knowledgeable and experienced gallery owner who talked about the role production has in becoming a successful artist. I also believe that production is the key to results and I was struggling before I gained the realization.

When I first returned to art full time I struggled to produce 20 paintings a year. I doubled that figure in the second year, but my problem was that I was trying to be perfect and match those who had spent a lifetime honing their skills. I was sloooooow! The third year I set a goal of 100 small paintings and attained 114. In the fourth year I stepped up my game to one small painting a day, but I needed time for marketing so towards the end I dropped the goal to one each week-day. That year I created a total of 282.

Over the next 5 years I completed “30 paintings in 30 days” many times to keep me inspired and on track. I found that even tiny ACEO paintings helped immensely with improving my skills and discovering what buyers did and did not like. Sure, some of these paintings were hurried and I could have fussed more, but many were wonderful and now I had plenty of inventory ready to sell to my ever growing

When I was confident in my painting skills, I returned to my first love, 3D work and now often work on series that include painting, sculpture, carving, collage etc to exhibit a full and congruent gallery show. These days I paint and sculpt larger and far less, but those high production years of small works gave me a great foundation in just getting on with it.

My best tip for momentum is to work in series. Sometimes I work on a series concurrently, such as different views of the same type of bird using the same background. Other collections follow on from each other over time, each one developing the idea further, like my Frida series. Most importantly, when I create a ‘one off’ I let my audience know they are purchasing a rare version of my work, which is quite a draw to some patrons.

For those that suffer to produce a few works a year, I advise you to participate in a variety of work and play shops. Loosen up and have some fun throwing some paint or plaster around. Stop worrying about being perfect and the opinions of others. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish!

In February my friend Sheila Delgado is hosting a second online creative gathering which will help us all get back in the groove for 2020. Follow my blog for more details closer to the date.

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  1. WOW! YOu continue to amaze and inspire, Sea. I have started to prep for next month. So glad we will see you there! :) Thanks for the shout out Sea :)


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