Monday 23 March 2020

Hall Table Transformation

When I moved to my current home I had a vision for a beautiful, welcoming entrance way. The hallway is wide and opens onto the lounge: There are  five doors and two openings leading off it, so there is little room for decor. And so began the journey of how to furnish the one long wall. This table was a possibility. It was a rich cherry, shiny, 1990s Queen Anne style, which was totally over the top, but I was charmed by the seashell appliqu├ęs.

I love the look of chalk paint and find it a fun and gratifying task, so it was an easy choice. The table was very glossy, so first I rubbed it all over with sandpaper. Sanding isn’t usually necessary with chalk paint, but this table needed some tooth for the paint to stick. I decided to prep the top because a hall table gets a lot of abuse from keys and bags. I used some Miss Mustard Seed Bonding Agent which I purchased on Amazon. This prep is gloopy and I used a brush, so brush marks were visible when dry. I didn't sand the marks, I kinda liked it, but I would probably use a roller next time.

The color I chose is called Cascade, a lovely soft grey/turquoise which seems to look good anywhere. The brand is Folk Art Home Decor Chalk which goes on nicely, but make sure you tighten the lid and wrap in cling wrap when done as it tends to dry out easily. I had let the prep dry for a couple of days, then I applied one coat of Cascade. It’s not necessary to leave for more than a couple of days between coats, but I left mine for a few months before applying a second coat because I became busy.

After the second coat of chalk paint I covered the sides and legs with clear satin wax and then I applied a light coat of white wax around the edges and shells. Because the top of a table gets a lot of use I applied a coat of satin varnish. To match the white wax I added a touch of AntiqueWhite to some Cascade in a clean yoghurt container and stencilled some designs on the top. When that was dry I  sealed it in with another coat of varnish.

While I was in process with this table I had decided on different furniture for my hallway, so it is now ready for sale. Have you ever tried chalk paint? I find it very fast and relaxing. It is also an inexpensive way to update a piece of furniture.

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  1. Looks great Sea. :) I used the darker shade of this on my vanity table. I thought the light might look too, childish. But I love it on your piece :)


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