Thursday, 24 January 2013


Day 24 - 30 in 30

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The Hibiscus is a large, luscious tropical flower which comes in a variety of bright colours. It is the state flower of beautiful Hawaii.

I love Hibiscus' for their sweeping lines and sensual essence. In the tropics women wear them as a symbol of their status, behind the right ear (available) or left (taken). They are also used used to decorate food platters and divers wipe their goggles with them to prevent them fogging.

Partly because of their impressive size, the Hibiscus is considered quite auspicious. In Korea, the hibiscus is a symbol of immortality; in Malaysia it stands for courage, honor, and life and in China the flower symbolizes virginity, gentleness, wealth, and fame. The orange/yellow Hibiscus in particular represents friendship, hence the name of this painting.

(Bright Yellow, Orange, Red and Bright Blue are difficult to capture with a camera lens. This painting is much more luminous in real life. There is a cardinal rule not to varnish before you have photographed and scanned but I've sometimes found that varnishing helps. In this supplementary photo I wanted to demonstrate the thickness of the paint rather than the colour because the primary photo looks thin which is not accurate. There is no white on this painting, that is the light shining on the thick impasto.)

Tip: When painting flowers pay attention to hard and soft edges and paint with a light touch. It helps to use transparent washes.

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