Friday, 25 January 2013


Day 25 - 30 in 30


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Painted from memory

"Snow Ghost" is the name given to conifers that grow above the snowline and in the winter they become encased in snow. When you're up on the mountain in "white out" conditions those trees often silently appear out of the fog and give you a start. It must have been a snowshoe hare in search of food that left the footprints because I don't think snow ghosts can walk.

The painting captures the end of the ski day when the lifts have stopped and only the ski patrol watch the setting sun turn the snow blood red. Silence settles over the mountain as the last stragglers make their way to the lodge for hot wine. The last run is taken in magical, velvet, silence.

Happy Australia Day to all my southern friends. Enjoy the fun and stay safe.

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