Monday, 28 January 2013


Day 28 - 30 in 30

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This daisy is just hanging out with friends, passing the time of day. A laid back, mellow, flower enjoying some down time. However, the delicate golden stem and leaves show this is no ordinary daisy. 

The impressionist, pastel-like background reminds us of warm summer days bathed in sunlight. I like the effect of pastels but don't like the dust and delicate nature of the finished work. This multi-layered Acrylic technique is laborious, but I like the final effect.

Acrylics are a challenging medium. Artists are attracted to the easy clean up, lower toxicity and speed of drying, but they often return to pastel, watercolour, or oil because it is challenging to learn a new medium. Many painters experienced in a different medium take my "Paint a Masterpiece" class, because they want to learn all abut Acrylics from the ground up. Most discover their difficulties with Acrylic come from trying to transfer their technique to the new medium rather than starting with a clean slate.  

I've recently been exposed to huge amounts of old and valuable artwork, oil, pastel, gauche, charcoal etc. and I've been saddened by the condition of these priceless works. I have gained a clearer understanding of the challenges of preservation and I'm even more convinced that the extremely durable, light-fast, professional Acrylics I use are the best choice: Certainly they are expensive, but there is no substitute for quality.

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