Sunday, 13 January 2013


Day 13 - 30 in 30

I've had this little guy in my "must paint" file for some time but he just didn't fit the criteria for any of my exhibitions. Luckily as my mandate for 30 in 30 is to have fun, I reckon he fits the bill. I don't know the name of this critter but he was voted the most colourful animal in the world last year and I reckon he deserves it. The original painting has far more delicate detail than the camera could capture. If you order "Beaux Jangles" you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Larger Originals or Prints of this ACEO by request

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I could see he was pretty fancy but didn't get the whole impact of his lovely designer skin till I laid out tube after tube of paint . The challenge with such a colourful subject is how do you paint the background? You could choose white or a light neutral - boring! Black or almost black - dramatic! Any single colour in the subject works and each gives it's own slant on the completed work. I chose cool colours from the palette and painted them swirling around to echo the focal point of the round eye socket and give the impression that it was how he was seeing the world.

TIP: Fussy brushstrokes overpower a complex subject. Bold colour demands bold strokes.

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