Sunday, 24 March 2013


Vincent van Gogh

He certainly did didn't he?

I've recently rediscovered a book on Van Gogh and have enjoyed revisiting his life and his work. His paintings certainly reflected his unstoppable passion with almost frenzied brush strokes, intense colour and deep impasto as if he was trying to press the paint right into the soul of the viewer.

Wheat Field with Crows, Auvers July 1890

Like Vincent, I am passionate about my work as a Professional Artist. I love colour, deep impasto and noticeable brushwork, but frenzy is not for me. When I paint, a deep sense of calm settles inside me and I enter a different world. I could paint for days without a need to eat or sleep and I often think that this is must be what heaven must be like. However, being an Artist is a tough profession emotionally, physically and mentally. You need to have a strong spirit to survive and it's no wonder that Van Gogh was overcome by the enormity of the task.

OSWOA (6" X 4")
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I also have a passion for teaching and passing on my knowledge. This Saturday I met with a wonderful group who are registered for my next "Paint a Masterpiece" class; many of them excellent Artists from different media who are unhappy with their Acrylic work. 

As with any media there are many unique tricks to working with Acrylics and these must be learned in order to improve. I learned the hard way struggling with trial and error, but in my one day "Paint a Masterpiece" class I pass on many useful techniques, and I watch my students improve in front of my eyes. It is so rewarding. If you would like to organize a class in your area please contact me to discuss possibilities.

So back to Van Gogh ..
Thanks to my extraordinary Artistic life, I think I probably will die of passion. What a way to go! 

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Reposted from an article I published on Artslant 9/23/12