Tuesday, 26 March 2013


6" x 6" Gallery Wrap Canvas (don't require a frame)
SPECIAL till April 30th $49US ($25 for Minis) + $21US Worldwide Shipping
Some here are scanned so appear brighter, but all are bright and colourful little gems

Above is a collection of 22 Miniature Masterpieces 6" x 6" on Gallery Wrap Canvas (plus 3 Mini Masterpieces 4" x 4" on Canvas Panel - Bottom row center). From now until April 30th, choose any of these paintings for the special price of $49 US ($25 for Minis). This special price is only available to readers of my blog who contact me at blue sky red earth at live dot ca to receive the special Paypal invoice. I will ship the painting anywhere in the world for $21 US.

The concept behind my MM collection is that they are painted on 5/8" Gallery Wrap Canvas which does not require framing. This means you can display them immediately and it is cost effective. However, I think individual paintings also look spectacular in a dramatic wide black frame. Another part of my concept is to mount them in a collection as seen here. I have specially designed mounts which allow you to move the paintings around to keep your collection fresh and interesting.

Left to right, top to bottom - 
Mount Albert Edward - The Island - Peaceful Afternoon - Dancing Daisies - Bed of Flowers
Daisy Chain - Alpine Meadow - Never Blue - Misty Sunrise - Fragrant Gardenia
Happy Little Garden - Juno's River - Blossom - An Apple a Day - Radiate I
Spring to Life - Radiate II - Flowerburst - Henry - Rose Sorbet
Star Performance - Red Rose Mini - Blue Rose Mini - Yellow Rose Mini - Virgin Blush