Monday, 22 April 2013


6" x 4" 
OSWOA Postcard

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One of the first paintings I ever created was similar to this composition and how I struggled! The unfinished work still sits in my studio, even though I worked on it for months. Today was more fullfilling. 

The intention here was to use all the greens in my collection and have fun. Green are a wonderful fresh spring colour, but can be hard to handle. Without some warm colours to offset the mostly cool shades, they can look gloomy. Here I have balanced the verdant backdrop of the park and distant trees with flower beds in bright sun

I'm still working with Edouard Manet's bold transitions and I'm really enjoying it. What I learned while painting this view, was that bright spring sunlight can completely wash out all colour even from brilliant flowers. Here, one section is in the full light of the sun and the other is seen from the cooler shaded side. Shade is generally blue or purple depending on the time of day. To examine this effect further take a look at Claude Monet's morning, afternoon and evening studies.

This was a very interesting composition to paint and the result is a gem of a painting. My auctions for this size start at only $19, so if you love it head on over to DPW and bid :o)

Cat # 13099 In the Park