Tuesday, 23 April 2013


6" x 8" on Windpower
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This is the 100th painting of 2013 and what better way to celebrate than a walk on the beach. A spring beach walk is a great way to enjoy some solitude, long before the crowds of summer move in.

There was a time when I couldn't imagine finishing more than a few paintings a year, then I took the advice of a fellow professional Artist who sold up, moved to a cheaper country and painted for a year, selling her work on the streets for anything she could get. She said you needed to paint at least 100 paintings to become proficient. She is now a well collected Artist who makes a good living from her work.

Some take 10 years to paint 100 works and others a lifetime. I chose to join Daily Paintworks and paint daily. I admit that some of my paintings take more than a day to finish but I work on them each day. Sometimes I get up in the middle of the night because I have an idea bubbling away that won't let me sleep, especially if I've only had time for a short studio session that day.

Last year I had a goal of 100 paintings and I exceeded it. This year my goals are around getting my work out in the world, not numbers, but I'm on a roll as you can see and on track to unveil over 300. The best thing is that my work has benefited from all the effort, the number of patrons and collectors of my work is growing each month and I'm having a wonderful time exploring this fascinating world. Painting daily certainly is a great exercise in proficiency. It's like riding a bike, you study, practice, take a trial run, practice and then practice some more, and one day you pick up a brush, paint freely and produce work that surprises even yourself.

This was taken from a challenge photo by fellow Artist Evhe. Every two weeks she supplies a photo and posts the results of our efforts on her blog. Thank you Evhe.

Cat # 13100 Spring Beach