Wednesday, 24 April 2013


I'm preparing for the next big challenge. Leslie Saeta has put out a marketing challenge to Artists for the month of May and I'm jumping in. Wanna join me? More on that here.

And here is my latest offering. This lovely pale pink rose is called Betty Boop, hence the title.

6" x 4" 
OSWOA Postcard

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I struggled a bit with this painting and half way through while I was adjusting the balance of the composition I was asked if it was the fashion to have part of the flower off the edge. Hmmm! Is it? I don't know if it's the fashion, but it's what I do and I think it makes a nicer composition. What do you think? 

I often finish a painting with staccato lines of bronze highlights which don't show well in the photographs, but as my patrons would attest, they really finish the work with a flourish. In this painting I decided to add some lines in Matisse Indigo, a lovely deep cool blue/green which darkens considerably as it dries but leaves a slight hint of deep blue. I think it really worked here and I may use the idea again. I also used the blue mixed with other blues, greens and white to create the background.

Cat # 13102 Betty Boop OSWOA